Hampshire County Retirement System

Who do I contact for Health Insurance questions?

Your former employer provides and administers your health insurance coverage. HCRS acts only as a pass-through for withholding premiums as a convenience to you. If you chose to have your insurance premiums withheld from your benefit check, deductions will be taken and forwarded as directed by your former employer.

Enrollment, changes, direct payment of premiums or any questions about your Health and Life Insurance plan or premium amounts should be directed through your employer.

For those retired from the former Hampshire County or HCOG your insurance is through the State Group Insurance program. Your changes or questions should be directed to Group Insurance Commission at (617) 727-2310.

Health Insurance Contacts

Employer Contact Person Telephone
Amherst Theresa Fleurent 413-259-3026
Belchertown Kathy Hannon 413-323-0400
Chesterfield Margaret McWherter 413-296-4771
Cummington Allan Kidston 413-634-5454
Goshen Allan Kidston 413-268-8429 ext- 108
Granby Chris Martin 413-467-7177
Hadley Joan Zuzgo 413-586-3354
Hatfield Sharon Strzegowski 413-247-0493
Huntington Aimee Burnham 413-667-3509
Middlefield Beverly Cooper 413-623-5182
Pelham Theresa Fleurent 413-259-3026
Plainfield Allan Kidston 413-634-5420
South Hadley Gloria Congram 413-538-5017 ext- 126
Southampton Jennifer Day 413-527-4920
Ware Amy Przpek 413-967-9648 ext- 104
Westhampton Patricia Cotton 413-203-3083
Williamsburg Nathan Rosewarne 413-268-8415
Worthington Kirsten Henshaw 413-238-5578
Regional School Districts
Amherst-Pelham Regional School District Theresa Fleurent 413-259-3026
Chesterfield-Goshen Regional School District Leanne Fanion 413-437-5578
Gateway Regional School District Deb Kuhn 413-685-1014
Hampshire Region School District Leanne Fanion 413-437-5578
Housing Authorities
Amherst Housing Authority Pamela Rogers 413-256-0206
Belchertown Housing Authority Pamela Rogers 413-323-4064
Granby Housing Authority Mary Billion 413-467-9300
Hatfield Housing Authority Brenna Duquette 413-247-9202
Hadley Housing Authority Pamela Rogers 413-584-3868
Hampshire Regional Housing Authority Susan Gregory 413-634-5000
South Hadley Housing Authority Bridgette Sullivan 413-532-3194
Ware Housing Authority Charlene Whitney 413-967-4477
Fire/Water/Health/Veteran Districts
Belchertown Water District Kim O'Grady 413-323-0410
Foothills Health District Maryellen Cranston 413-268-8415
Quabbin Health District Betty Barlow 413-967-9615
South Hadley Fire District 1 Ira Brezinsky 413-538-9044
South Hadley Fire District 2 Barbara Miller 413-534-5748
South Hadley-Granby Veterans District Steve Nally 413-467-7177
Regional Governmental Units
Hampshire County Retirement System Patricia Rutkowski 413-584-9100
Hampshire Council of Govt & County Retirees Group Insurance Commission 617-727-2310

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