Hampshire County Retirement System

Public Employer Units We Serve

Towns, School Districts, Housing Authorities, Fire/Water/Health Districts located in Hampshire County Massachusetts with the exception of Northampton and Easthampton

Municipal & Regional Employers
Cities/Towns Regional School Districts Housing Authorities
Amherst Amherst-Pelham Regional School Amherst Housing Authority
Belchertown Chesterfield-Goshen Regional School Belchertown Housing Authority
Chesterfield Gateway Regional School Granby Housing Authority
Cummington Hampshire Regional School Hatfield Housing Authority
Goshen Hadley Housing Authority
Granby Fire/Water/Health Districts Hampshire Regional Housing Authority
Hadley Belchertown Water District South Hadley Housing Authority
Hatfield Foothills Health District Ware Housing Authority
Huntington Quabbin Health District
Middlefield South Hadley Fire District 1
Pelham South Hadley Fire District 2
South Hadley Other Regional
Southampton South Hadley-Easthampton Veterans