Hampshire County Retirement System

Post Retirement Hours & Earnings Limitations Reinstated

Temporary COVID waiver expired 12-31-2022

Limitation on Post Retirement Hours and Earnings has been reinstated. Retirees must limit work for any/all Massachusetts public employers to an aggregate of 1200 hours per calendar year. Earnings from Massachusetts public employers is limited to the difference between their gross retirement allowance and the salary of the position from which they retired plus $15,000. Application of the additional of $15,000 does not apply until the calendar year following 1 full year in retirement. For example with a date of retirement of June 30, 2022, additional $15,000 cannot be added until January 1, 2024.

Upon reaching limitation of either hours or earnings (whichever occurs first), retirees must terminate working for any/all public employers until January 1 of the next calendar year.